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Nero hadn’t expect to wake first, especially not to be curled around a resting Ivan. The little minx had never left him alone in the morning but it was something he didn’t expect. He leaned over Ivan and pressed his lips against the pale neck, it was marked with all his love bites and hickeys. Gorgeous.

Ivan had been sleeping peacefully after a rather fun night together with Nero. But he soon stirred upon feeling a pair of warm lips being pressed against his neck, making him smile and shift a little closer to the other man.

"Good morning to you too.." Ivan spoke out quietly, letting out a small, pleased sound at the kisses upon his skin. This was a perfect way to start the day off.

Smut Sentence Starters


★ What makes you think I’d ever fuck you again?

★ Get on the bed. You know the drill.

★ Just wait and see what I’m going to do to you once I get you alone.

★ You say you’d be the best fuck I’ll ever have? Prove it.

★ I’d hold onto something if I were you.

★ You haven’t had sex in how long?

★ You’re really going to make me beg for it?

★ Are you going to eye fuck me all night or do something about it?

★ I can’t stop thinking about the last we had sex.

★ I’m going to show you what real fucking is.

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The Wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept. — Jack London (via malkuth32)
Fear urged him to go back, but growth drove him on. — Jack London, White Fang



Ivan pulled a bit of a face, he suddenly realised that he would have a lot of difficulty getting clean if all they had was ice water. Grumbling quietly to himself he waited for Boreas to leave before getting changed. There was little need to add to Ivan’s aggravation by having Boreas gawk at his scarred body after all.

Ivan got changed at a rapid pace, it being far too cold for his liking to linger on this task. He slipped his jacket back on over it however and he goes off to find Boreas in the bathroom.

The other ice demons set to taking off Boreas’ clothes, and the male seems fairly comfortable letting them do so. He’s been bathed by servants since he was small. He lowers himself into the freezing water with a pleasured sigh, and then glances over to see Ivan entering. 

"Take my clothes," he says lazily to the others as he dismisses them, "They stink of the human realm." The demon blinks up at the mortal before opening his mouth to speak to him. 

"You will care for Augustine and Helena. You will learn to cook my favorite foods from the other servants, and be sure my room is always spotless. When not doing those things, you will remain by my side always and cater to any whims I may have." Boreas lays his head on his hands, resting against the edge of the massive tub. It’s nearly the size of a small pond. 

"My first order is for you to bathe me." He glances to the soap sitting on the edge of the tub, as well as the clean cloth.

Ivan was taken aback at just how huge the bath was; talk about being in the lap of luxury. No wonder Boreas acted they way he did after being treated like royalty all of his life.

Once the servants had left, Ivan turned his attention to Boreas as he spoke. At least the tasks he spoke of didn’t seem too difficult, although he did wonder how one would cook anything in a house made of ice.

Ivan let out a huff of annoyance, moving to the edge of the bathtub. He rolled his sleeves up; keeping his clothes dry would be important for remaining healthy for as long as possible.

"If my hands fall off from the cold, I’ll blame you." Ivan grumbled as he set about wetting the cloth and taking the soap into his hand. "Does the princess allow being touched by mortal hands during bathing or should I just run the cloth over you?"


Boreas tenses a little as their lips touch, even if it isn’t the most passionate or even the most firm kiss. A few of Boreas’ long fingers come up between them and he touches his own mouth, feather light. That had been… his first kiss. 

His chest grew tight, and it was nearly hard to breathe. Doing that had been so much more satisfying than leaving a scratch on someone’s skin— not as satisfying as biting down into Ivan’s neck and tasting blood… but this came close.

"I— again!" Boreas tries to sound authoritative, but he only ends up sounding as needy as he feels, a hand tangling itself in Ivan’s shirt. 

Ivan had half expected to be scolded for daring to kiss Boreas, as light and as brief as it had been. So he was pleasantly surprised when the demon demanded another; even if he sounded like a child demanding another shot on the swings at the play park.

The hand tangled in his shirt gave Ivan enough of an indication of how much Boreas desired this. So, slowly, Ivan slipped his arms around Boreas’ neck, leaning in to give him another, firmer kiss.

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((I do like it when people draw Ivan enjoying sex instead of just blubbering all the time ._.))


((I do like it when people draw Ivan enjoying sex instead of just blubbering all the time ._.))