”..I feel like shit..”


Maus listened to Ivan’s response carefully.  It wasn’t eager, not in the way he remembered the blonde’s voice being.  If for a moment, he assumed it was the same Ivan, then there was something important he had to remember.  His eyes closed, a single finger coming up to tap the side of his skull as though the pokes might jog his memory.  Ah, right, hadn’t he…

"We could," he finally answered after a bit too long of a pause.  "But I get the feeling that’s not something you’d enjoy, and I’ve never been one for going after a guy who doesn’t want me.  So I suppose ‘I did it out of the kindness of my heart’ will have to do."

Ivan visibly relaxed when the man turned down sex, with his current wound and stitches he doubted he had the energy to go through with it anyway.

"It’s not like I wouldn’t enjoy being with you, hotstuff, I’m just really tired right now." Ivan was warming up slightly to the dark-haired man; he was listening to what he had to say intently; something which didn’t happen often to the blond.

"Perhaps I could offer you a meal instead then." Ivan let out a small hum of concentration. "I’m not very good, but I did have some practice cooking for a small group of guys for a while. They seemed to like it.." Ivan paused, taking in a sharp breath as another wave of loneliness washed over him. He would never, ever understand with Badman and the others left him behind..


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Ivan stepped up to the blue-haired man, slowly sliding his arms around his neck before pressing their lips together in a long, deep kiss.

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  • "Ah! Slower… I want it to last."
  • "Can you really just walk away from this? Maybe I’ve miscalculated this lingerie’s power after all."
  • "Come on, let’s do it all over again. Slower this time. I wanna feel you twitch/squirm."
  • "Do you like it? How much would you like it off of me?"
  • "Do you think there’s such thing as too much sex?"
  • "Do you think they heard us? Maybe we should give it a second round. Louder this time, just to be sure."
  • "Do you wanna call him/her? Maybe we could all have a little party together."
  • "Do you wanna cum? Ask me nicely."
  • "Don’t be gentle. I need all of it."
  • "Easy boy/girl. We have time."
  • "Fuck me. Fuck me like I do her/him."
  • "He/she doesn’t have to know."
  • "How much do you care about the safety of your desk?"
  • "I don’t care about your sob story. I just want your dick."
  • "I don’t care if they watch."
  • "I like your toys. Can I have them in me?”
  • "I might be straight but no one can overlook that ass."
  • "I’ll pay you anything, if you just give me one night."
  • "I’m a bad girl/boy. So treat me like one."
  • "I’ve agreed to be your roommate, not your booty call."
  • "I’ve had the worst day of my life and you fucking me/fucking you till we can’t walk straight is the only thing that’s gonna make it better.”
  • "I’ve waited so long for this. It’s even better than I imagined. You’re even better.”
  • "If I fucked you, would you leave me alone?"
  • "If I get on my knees and pray, will you absolve me?"
  • "If I’d known being with another girl/boy would be this fun I’d have started much sooner."
  • "If you call me by his/her name, we’re done here."
  • "If you just get in me right now you can even walk me on a leash later for all I care.”
  • "If you want me to keep quiet, don’t make me have to tell you to go faster."
  • "If you pull out, I swear I’m fucking killing you."
  • "Just close your eyes. Imagine I’m him/her. It couldn’t be hard. We are brothers/sisters after all."
  • "Just hold my hand if I trash. Don’t stop."
  • "Let’s pretend I’m in heat. Just fuck me till I drop."
  • "Oh, you’re not getting anywhere near there. Not tonight."
  • "Oh no, you’re not sleeping. Not now. Sex first. Sleep later."
  • "Please don’t take your mouth from there."
  • "Pool sex was the worst idea we’ve ever had. Now fuck me right. I can’t do this soft thing."
  • "Shut up, let’s sleep. You can do your walk of shame later."
  • "So you’re at work, you’ve got bathrooms there too, don’t you?"
  • "That was… Wow."
  • "They’re amazing. I could suck on them forever."
  • "Was this what you wanted? Well you can collect it now."
  • "What if we get caught? I don’t care, do you?"
  • "You won’t get another shot at this. So make it good."
  • "You. Strip. Now."
  • "Your fingers are almost as good as your mouth.”
  • "You’re so big I think you might break me. I can’t wait."

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It was a strange compulsion. Ivan by every right should hate the man in front of him; not only was the one who sent Edward away to jail but he was also a rather large cog in the hateful Justice system that Ivan so detested now.

But nevertheless, he still felt a large need to press his lips against the older man’s, showing him something akin to affection on this cold, dark night.


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Ivan feels a little faint at the thought and he grumbles and shifts from foot to foot for a moment. Then after taking in a deep breath he manages to lean in and brush his lips lightly against her cheek.



The notice on his door caught his eye, but Maus knew not what it meant.  He knew it shouldn’t have been there, but Ivan was paying it no heed and so neither would Maus.  He stepped inside, setting things down on the table and retrieving his scarf to wrap back around his neck.

"Maybe a little of both, probably something else, too."  He shrugged, smiling back at Ivan despite the cold expression he was being met with.  "Which explanation’s more acceptable for you?"

"Something else, huh.." Ivan eyed him with a little suspicion, the only thing his mind going to was perhaps this dark-haired stranger was someone he had met when he was younger. Perhaps back at home with his parents or even at the Hero Training Academy. But nothing came to mind and so he shrugged it off.

"Well, I know nobody helps anyone without expecting something in return, so I guess we could fuck if that would satisfy you. I don’t have anything else to offer." Ivan closed his eyes, at this stage of his life truly believing that unless he proved himself to be useful in some manner that no one would want him around.

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Ivan remained quite for a moment, looking Maus in the face as he tried to work out his angle. He didn’t come across as someone who would work for debt collectors, nor did he look like anyone who had paid for his services recently. And there was something utterly captivating about the dark-haired man’s eyes, strange and beautiful all at once.

So Ivan visibly relaxed before nodding up to him. “If you don’t mind.. There’s a bad storm coming and I just want to get home.” But the smile that so often presented itself on his older self was missing entirely, the blond feeling like there was nothing to smile about in his life.

He waited while Ivan measured him up, trying to hold a friendly expression instead of the pained one that wanted to escape.  Younger, yes; a little colder, a little less joyful.  But so familiar.  How the heck would he believe what Maus might tell him, though?  He’d scare Ivan away and probably never see him again with the number of people in this city.

"I don’t mind at all.  Here."  He happily took what he could carry, unwinding his scarf to drape over a deal of it to try to keep it dry.  "Let’s see, you live… whereabouts?  Ah, lead the way."

Ivan stood up carefully, balancing the foodstuff in his arms as well as his umbrella. He was already soaked through so he made no attempt to hold it over his head any more.

"This way.." Ivan replied as he slowly headed off towards his small apartment. He ignored the new notice posted on his door demanding rent, knowing it would still take a few days before the landlord would actually come talk to him about it; and headed inside. After putting the food on the table, he quietly watched Maus enter, still a little on edge.

"So.. You just some knight in shining armour or is this how you hit on guys?" Ivan asked with no hint of humour in his voice. The best way to find out the strangers intentions would be to ask, right?

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stutterbugemil asked: Emil found himself blushing and fidgeting out of nervousness before he finally just pulled Ivan into a quick kiss.

Ivan blinked as the smaller man stood in front of him, shuffling and looking utterly shy. It was really rather cute, Ivan feeling his smile widen as he watched Emil affectionately.

The kiss was a little surprising, mostly because Emil had never initiated one before. But it was utterly endearing and Ivan couldn’t help but pull him into a warm embrace.

"Mm. I could get used to more kisses like that from you~" He cooed out softly, pressing a kiss against Emil’s forehead in return.